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Ukpabio Saviour better known as Saviour Ukpaski (MC UK) is an outstanding Comedian, an amazing Rapper, an exceptional Poet, a wRIGHTer, and a passionate Teacher.

The video is a poem against the molestation of female students in secondary schools and in higher institutions by teachers and lecturers. The poem urges teachers to think about their integrity over molestation..

I thought you were supposed to teach me to write,
And not touch me from left to right.
I thought you were supposed to help shape my life
And not treat me like a secret wedded wife.
I thought you were supposed to make me a friend,
Teach me from the start of the term to the end,
And at the end of the term, test my EDUCATIONAL
ABILITY and not to test me.
Because, now, you’ve added a double “s” to your duty(Care),
And now, you CARESS me.
“Education is light” they say,
Be it true as it may,
But why do you counsel me in a dark room with no ray.
Why do you wake me up with calls late at night?
Just to promise me you’d buy me egg roll and sprite?
Yes, you are an educational Zeus,
But teacher, I’m confuse.
Alas! Called were I by the teacher to his office at last,
He said he wants to teach me maths
Math he said I’d not be able to learn in class
And every time I make a mistake, “Kpas!”
Teacher hits my ass
But, every time I get a sum right,
Teacher holds me close and forces me to a hug so tight
Teacher gives me a soft peck that’s so light
Then, teacher says to me, “You are so bright”.

The way you are so close to me,
Makes me wonder if that’s how it’s supposed to be,
Because I’ve never seen you call Emeka to your office
And give him a peck
Neither have I seen you walk around with Dennis,
With your hands around his neck.
But the way you follow me around like a tweeter handle
And with me, discuss issues only my mother should handle,
Treat me with so much care like I’m a flame upon a candle
Assist me with things we both know I can do
The way you touch me every time I come around you,
Makes me wonder if you really are a god to me,
Because your ways are strange and they are odd to me.
I always catch those two thieves on your face
Stealing glances quick as race
Staring at my chest
These two unripe mangoes
And anytime you come close,.
Here, is where your hand goes.
These unripe mangoes are Umojas
It’s a place where no man goes.

I thought you were supposed to teach me to teach
And teach me that if I want to save nine cuts, all I need is a stitch
I thought you were supposed to teach me not to keep
An indecent relationship
With the ones I teach
And teach me to always live by the rules I preach.
I thought you were supposed to teach me that teaching
Is a noble profession
And materials to build other professions
Lie solely in my possessions.
But, the day in your course I failed to make an “A”,
You called me, you said you’d teach me to make an “A”
You said, to make an “A”,
With my back on your bed, I’d lay,
And why my back is on your bed,
I’d make the shape of an “A” with my leg.
Excuse me, teacher. I’m a little dismayed,
But, is that how “A”s are made?
Because if that’s how “A”s are made,
Then, I can make “A”s upside down,
I can make “A”s while my hands and feet touch the ground,
I can make “A”s screaming while my legs are up
And I’d make sure my G.P remains at the top.
If that’s how “A”s are made,
Then I can make “A”s without having to fight like King Arthur of Camelot
Because all I need to do is give you orgasm and make you CUM-A-LOT
But, teacher, is that how “A”s are made in your course?
If yes, then, a devil you are on the cross.
If yes, then, all you want is turn me into a hoe,
And with me, plant white seed
And instead of letting the seed grow,
You’d pay a doctor to make me bleed.
If yes, then, all you want is for me to spread these legs like rumour
And after 9 month, see life as a tragedy, no humour.

Now I know, that not all educators wish to educate us,
Not all teacher teaches, only few of them know what to teach is.
Not all lecturer lectures, all most of them want is to molest us
Not all HODs are Heads of Departments,
Most of them are Heads of the WEEpartments.
Not all DEAN genuinely wants to be Deans
All most of the want is to see things..

And so, like another Martin Luther King,
I slept and had a dream, “I have a dream!”
That one day, irrespective of how situations seem
Teachers will look through the microscope of life
And see that molestation cuts deeper than knife
I have a dream
That one day, teachers would know that God is watching them on a plasma TV
And they’d believe honestly that integrity pays better than the bank they call GT
I have a dream
That one day, this teaching man will understand
That whether he be rich or poor or in an situation
He will definitely pay for his sins of molestation
I have a dream
That one day, teachers will not only be teachers by the certificate,
But by the heart, too
Because teaching will not just be a job,
It will be a way of life and an art, too
I have a dream
That one day, teachers like you and I
Will hold our self-esteem tight
And make it fly high, up in the sky
As though it were a kite
Because like Karl Augustus once said,
“What a teacher is, is more important than what he teaches”


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