ARTICLE: 4 Simple Guides for Christian Parents

  1.      Parenting Should Be In Agreement

When you are walking in love with your spouse, you will be able to communicate with your youngsters. If as a Christian parent (father) you notice something strange about a particular child on a particular day, during your time of discussion, you will be able to discuss it with your wife and you both need to be in unity to do that.

If you are not, there are some children that can really control you and come between you. Your Yes must be yes and no must be No. you must be in agreement with your spouse.

God has put beautiful treasures and deposits in your children and He is counting on you as a Christian parent to help Him draw them out. The youngster that is so uncooperative today has something good to offer; with love and patience you will draw it out.

Sometimes God can allow a very non-conforming child to come through you to teach you patience and help you get rid of anger. This is because of different temperaments.

As a Christian parent, they can actually hold up to your standard to make your spiritual life better if you will cooperate with God and with them.

  1. Do Not Force Impossible Standards On Your Child

You should only discipline a child on what you have already told that child is wrong. If you have not told the child, do not expect the child to know.

If your child is of an age where you expect her to be able to take care of her things; maybe she gets back from school and she just flings her things, do not just start beating the child. Call the child and say, “Because you are growing up, at this age I expect you to begin to do things for yourself.”

When that little darling now disobeys, you can then discipline the child because you have already set a standard and you have already told the child what to do.

  1.      Let Your Children See You Pray Being A Christian parent

The bible says, “Pray in secret” but sometimes let your children see you pray. If you are going to the room to pray, you do not always have to lock the door, you can leave it open. Let them bump inside and see you praying and let them say, “Oh! Mummy is praying.”

Impart your children and eagerly wait to see what they would become. I want to see what they will become tomorrow. I am interested; angels are interested and God knows in His heart He has put in them

  1. Intercede For Your Children

In raising successful youngsters it is important to pray. You need to pray for your children and with them. God is interested in saving your children but let us hook up with Him, intercede for them.

The bible says about Job that he would rise up early to make burnt offerings and offer sacrifices for his children peradventure they have sinned in their heart and offended God while they were feasting.

This is because all his ten children, seven boys, and three girls had this manner of coming together from time to time to feast. This is a type of prayer you should be making for your youngsters.




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