ARTICLE: Should A Gospel Artiste Compose And Sing A Love Song? (PART ONE)


Some time ago, a friend of mine did wedding in which I was invited. On arriving the venue I noticed that the DJ was playing secular songs(whose lyrics are not edifying). The groom was actually a STRONG BELIVER  and he had issues with the DJ because of the songs he was playing.  As the argument was going on,  then the Lord spoke to me and said… *”fill this gap, for I gave my sons and daughters  songs to sing for me but they refused because of religious status”*. I marvelled and asked which song?  and He said… *”Love Songs”*.

   The church has allowed the world to teach us what is love. The other day someone brought a love song to me,  and he said “am afraid if the church will accept it”.

If God is Love,  why should we not sing and compose love songs?. Why can’t the gospel artiste write songs that can unite broken marriages and relationships?. Why must   we copy the way of the world?.  Why can’t our lyrics be pure and not erotic?. Why can’t our songs be played on wedding  parties?. Why can’t someone stand and write a song that will bring  couples and relationships  together?. Why  can’t our lyrics be informative and full of God’s Word?.

Thank God for ministers like Frank Edwards, Timi Dakolo and lots more who have stood in the  gap. However many stones are still unturned. If God is love, we should all sing about love. If He allowed songs of Solomon to be in the Bible,  why shouldn’t we sing about love?.  Why should we allow religion to stop us from doing what God want from us?.

   Everyone won’t be a Praise and Worship Leader and everyone won’t literally sing about Jesus. Everyone won’t be a Choir Director. Everyone won’t. If you feel a divine stirring to record and release love songs, please go ahead. Don’t try to be a Choir Director if God did not call you to be one. Don’t try to be a Praise and Worship Leader as well. Leave that to Sinach.

The book of Esther in the Bible originally has no mention of God but we can’t deny the workings of God in the story. Our assignments differ and we should be confident and satisfied in our call.

Not every artiste is called for the altar.  Some are called just to minister to the bad guys in the club.  Why should every artiste be struggling to show forth  in the billboards,  banners and flyers?, when we should be struggling to fill the heart of men with the true message of love.

  Locate your altar and build on it!!. Your altar may be in the church, some may be on the streets. Someone may be just on the air. Therefore,  wherever you are called as an artiste, build on it and brand yourself.

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