Few years ago i never knew the importance of morning prayers in a man’s life, but after a deep conversation with my Spiritual father, God opened my eyes to see how morning prayers can help grow a man spiritually and physically and give a man divine speed.

Below i have listed out the importance of prayers in 13 points:

  1. Morning prayer is very important because you meet God before meeting the devil.
  2. You meet God before meeting the circumstances of life.
  3. You talk to God before talking to man.
  4. Communicate with God before fellowship with others.
  5. You hear news from heaven before receiving news from the earth.
  6. You sit before God before sitting in front of men.
  7. You kneel before God before kneeling before men.
  8. You honor God before honoring men.
  9. You enter the presence of God before entering the presence of men.
  10. You nourish your Spirit before feeding your body.
  11. You call Jesus before calling all the other little names in the World.
  12. You first look at Jesus Christ before looking at yourself in the mirror.
  13. Sweep your heart with impurities before sweeping your house.


So beloved now that  you have seen how importance is Morning Prayers, i will urge you to always communicate with Your Lord Jesus Christ before communicating with Men.

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