MUSIC ALBUM: Agbara Pentikosti (THE POWER OF PENTECOST) by Evang. Oluwatoyin

Agbara Pentikosti (THE POWER OF PENTECOST) by Evang. Oluwatoyin

Evangelist Daramola Oluwatoyin Julianah drops a six tracks Music Album titled; Agbara Pentikosti (THE POWER OF PENTECOST). Evang. Oluwatoyin is a soulful worshiper, prophetess, song writer, music director, counselor and a Prais leader. She base in the city of Ibadan Oyo state.

Listed below are the six tracks, Listen, Download andShare …

TRACK 1: Emi Mimo Bale wa

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TRACK 2: Jesus Is All You Need

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TRACK 3: Oh Lord I Worship You

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TRACK 4: Marababa Foba Mimo

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TRACK 5: Agbara Pentecost

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TRACK 6: Oloro

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Track1 Emi mimo Bale wa, was taken from the book of Act of apostles 2:1, that we must put God first anything we want to do in life, any we do without Christ leading is zero and may lead to destruction because demons will come in, it is only the power of the holy Spirit that can make one to succeed in life.


Track 4 of the album is Marababa Foba Mimo, is a Praises song take from the book of 1cronnicle 16:23_36 and book of psalm 19:1_6 full of Praises and that is what God desires from us, in it you get joy, blessings, breakthrough, liberty, healing and all good things that our hear also desires.


Track 3 Oh Lord I worship you, Exodus 20:26, john4:24, and Deuteronomy 11:16 is also about worshipping God because he is worthy to be praised


Track 2 & 6 which is Jesus is all you need John 14:5_6 and Oloro Revelations 20:11_15 is the vision of Heaven and Hell which God show me and it’s so wonderful.


Track 5 is a Revival song, a prayers song and life transforming messages taken from the book of act of apostles 2:1_4


Connect with Evang. Oluwatoyin

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