NEWS: “Focus on Your Ministry First Not Popularity” GUC Advice Upcoming Gospel Ministers


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Gospel Music Minister, Gift Ugochi Christopher popularly known as GUC recently advised upcoming gospel musician/artiste to focus on their ministry rather than popularity.

He reminded them that what matter’s the most is the ministry they were called into, everything else including the fame, popularity and money will come later.

While music promotion in the right way is still paramount, he suggests the upcoming ministers should not be pressurized about getting known or getting popular at all cost. Music ministers are also not to worry about competing with each other as no song is better than the other.

Posted on his Instagram Page, GUC said

“When dropping a song, take your mind off BLOW. Always pray the will of God be done on any sound you release. No song is better than the other!

You need to understand that all of them have their peculiarities and ways they can bless, and it may be just for ONE PERSON (As unbelievable as it seems) .

This mentality is very important, so you don’t go about feeling depressed that you spent so much and got just 2 downloads in 2years. Be focused on what the will of God is for you and whatever you put out.

Don’t be under pressure, it’s not your part or role to push or produce the blessing or do the obvious spreading.

It’s God’s duty. Excellently put out your song, promote it in the best way possible, but don’t be under pressure to BLOW.

Stay focused on the mandate. Stay yielded to God’s ways.”






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